Blue and yellow highlights establish a happy and welcoming appearance in a home decor scheme that creates vivid contrast and vibrant fireworks that raise the most neutral backdrop. For decor schemes with a light backdrop, sunshine filled and lighthearted for nature this is particularly prevalent. But, even at the darker end of the spectrum, the blue and yellow style fits as well as a subdued palette. We found two of our favorite examples of the blue and yellow interior trend to illustrate each side of the scale: will you be drawn to the magnetic light personality of bright interior number one, or will it be seductively shaded interior number two?

The first interior of our blue and yellow apartment is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. A palest grey background paint creates a subtle yet calming mood that matches the strength of the room’s brighter colored elements. At one end of the furniture set, a main yellow pillow glows alongside a duck egg and dove lounge chair. A gray modern sofa is decorated with blue patterned cushions, and the window seat is a mixture of prussian blue and sunflower pieces.

TV wall storage was finished in the same light gray finish as the walls so that the plentiful cupboards blend in rather than stand out–although the TV mount room was painted in a darker gray shade to add depth.

Wall painting brings together all of the accent colours. Across the other side of the house, a tiny red stool rounds out the red planter.