Designed for homeowners who wanted to live in a continuous relationship with nature, Casa Entreparotas was built on a site that embraced native plant life, and recognizes the course of a small babbling stream. The house, 568 square meters, is set amid dense tropical vegetation, paroties, and fig trees in Colima, Mexico. Di Frenna Arquitectos was influenced by the jungle environment to create a home of dark and stony colours, like those of a lost ruin. The design of the build creates a set of routes that can be used to traverse the vast building, paths that are considerate of the wild boundaries of the sites in order to facilitate natural exploration on a daily basis.

With massive glass expanses large concrete masses are cut through. The volumes interlock with a flat roof to form linear architecture, while the green hill organically slopes underneath.

Exterior lights draw attention to the concrete overhangs which help shade the home’s interior from the direct rays of the sun. The exterior spotlights around the building create an alluring mystique.

The spectacular green views run to the top of the staircase. Natural light floods through an elongated hallway leading to the dormitories. Glass balustrades exaggerate the landing’s open perspective by showing views down to the ground floor with double height.