There are tiny homes, and then a spacious homeā€“the two aren’t exactly the same! A small home interior can often feel cold and gloomy, and poor floor planning may easily leave an uncomfortably cramped little feeling of home. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Check out these three beautiful small homes that have been decorated in wonderfully warming golden wood tones, That links to creating a cohesive sense of cosiness. You can also find cleverly thought out limited space solutions in terms of tailor-designed sofas, equipped storage units and innovative design features designed to match. Come with us and find out how you can build extra cosiness in every aspect of your little house.

With abundant elements of golden natural wood, the basic decor of this special minimalist living room is warmed through. Despite the simple white paintwork covering every plain wall, the interior of the home provides an invitingly cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Cosy component creates designs that often form the space in the custom furniture. The product, including a wooden media unit and built-in sofas, is made for scale. Wooden frames sharpen the glass.